can we still send in auditions?

Hmm I’m afraid balladbound’s kinda dead :c Sorry about that

Hi guys, it’s Dave.

I want to apologize, I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog due to school and it’s negatively affected it. However, I’m here to say that I’m leaving Balladbound. I will not have my recording stuff nor internet very soon, so it’s not fair for me to hold Balladbound at all- Aradia is officially open. Coyo will be in charge, and I hope you all will still enjoy this group.

It was an honour to sing with you all, and on of the greatest things I’ve ever been a part of.


Annabel Sharahy - In Love Fur a While
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‘In Love Fur a While’

Character: Nepeta Leijon
Singer: Annabel Sharahy

Original Song and music by: Anna Rossinelli

:33 < requested by an anon who truly undpurrstands my f33ls on a furtain someone. I’m not even gonna comment pawn the fact that i’ve decided to let mew pawll s33 some artpurrk of my OTP. 

(((also excuse my allergy voice sobs)))

Annabel Sharahy - Sayako
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:33< sometimes purr just tired of being dead or alive. Sometimes mew just want to be gone.

***Also wow sorry for the super hoarse voice i always tear up/cry when i sing this song it’s like pretty personal on a few levels***


Are you accepting auditions for Her Imperial Condense? It doesn't say "Open", so I figured I'd ask.

Yes, she’s open. Something went wrong with the text when I added the ancestors, I apologize. Thank you for alerting us to this. All the ancestors are open, feel free to audition for them!


are you accepting genderbends of characters or no?

I apologize for the delayed response, we were debating your question.

The answer is an unfortunate no.

However, this doesn’t mean your audition can not be the genderbend of a character. There are no canon voices for Homestuck so there’s always a chance of being casted.


Just because I haven’t made it official yet:

Requests are open!

Please come request a song, pesterlog, or comic you’d like to hear voiced by any of our casted members! We’d love to know what you guys would like to hear. ~Dave

Just want to let you guys know that due to some unfortunate circumstances, the role of Jane Crocker has been re-opened.


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I got a request to sing Temporal Shenanigans for Balladbound.

It is really hard to try to edit in a background track when you don’t have sound, sorry it’s a bit behind. Uh. Enjoy?

dirkxcaliborn - Blue Lips
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Hey everyone, I’m Coyote and I’m Balladbound’s Jade. Took me a century and a half to uplaod this BUT UHM. I tried

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
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Hi, I’m shnazzy, and I’m Balladbound Dirk. My interests include Homestuck, My Little Pony, Game of Thrones, and other such stuff. I act, play violin, write, and like to think I can rap decently. Um. Yeah. That’s about it, I think.


Tumblr wouldn’t let me change the audio file from one link to the other so now it seems I have to reupload this. Sigh. Whatever, rerecord of my monologue from the 29th’s upd8.